BFT Electromechanical Automatic Bollards - Stoppy B 500 x 115

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BFT Electromechanical Automatic Bollards - Stoppy B 500 x 115

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BFT Electromechanical Automatic Bollards


BFT Electromcehanical Automatic Bollards STOPPY B 115/500 Category: Electromechanical bollards Manufacturer: Bft Automation show products These electromechanical bollards are designed to match customer needs for quality at highly competitive prices. Stoppy B comes in two models: Stoppy B Ø115-500 which has a Ø115 mm, 500 mm high rod and is fitted with a rear-reflecting strip. The Stoppy B Ø200-700, which has a Ø200 mm, 700mm high rod, a light crown and a rear-reflecting strip. PERSEO CBD dedicated control panel: manages up to 4 bollards in parallel, programming menu on the display, integrated heating element and incorporated receiver. Shaft diameter 115 mm Shaft height 500 mm Raising time 7 sec Control unit PERSEO CBD Breaking resistance 6000 J Type of limit switch reed magnetic sensor Slowdown yes Lock electric brake Manual operation reversible with no power Frequency of use semi-intensive Ambient conditions -20°C +60°C