The past few months have seen significant economic changes that have had an unprecedented impact on the UK economy. Changing commodity prices and the devaluation of the Pound has resulted in challenging trading conditions.


With Sterling having dropped nearly 20% against the US Dollar during the last 6 months, and with similar losses against other major trading currencies that we use, we have seen significant increases in the costs of raw materials, components and imported products. As you will be aware, the Pound shows no immediate signs of recovery.


Since the 23rd June we have shouldered price increases caused by the currency cost and manufacturer price increases.  However, in order to maintain the quality of product supplied and the customer service levels you have come to expect from SSP, we have no choice but to increase our prices. We have minimised the increase as much as possible by absorbing much of the decrease in the Pounds value ourselves, and we will continue to monitor exchange rates (and hopefully make improvements at some point in the future).


If you have a trading account with us you should have now been notified of these proposed increases. If we have not contacted you, or you need any clarification on your new prices, please contact one of our sales team who can update you on any queries you may have.


In line with this our online shop will have an amended pricing structure from 1st December, with all products being offered with a 12.5% discount off of the Catalogue list price.


We do stock several branded products such as Abloy, Videx, Daitem and STI where we have no control over pricing. Unfortunately any price increases that we receive from these suppliers leave us with no choice but to pass them straight on.


Hopefully, you will have already received your copy of our New Product Catalogue, if you have not, or require any further copies, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly sales team, or go to the “Download Catalogue” tab on the header of the website.


Thank you for your continued business and we look forward to supporting your access control requirements in the future.


Duncan Easley