1. Brands
    2. G:B:D:
    3. BFT
    4. CAME
    5. LOCINOX
    6. FAAC
    7. NICE
  2. Swing Gates
    1. BFT Swing Gate Underground Accessories
    2. BFT Swing Gate Arm Accessories
    3. BFT Swing Gate Underground Kit
    4. BFT Swing Gate Arm Kit
    5. Came Swing Gate Arm Accessories
    6. Came Swing Gate Underground Accessories
    7. Came Swing Gate Arm Kit
    8. Came Swing Gate Underground Kit
    9. FAAC Swing Gate Arm Accessories
    10. FAAC Swing Gate Underground Accessories
    11. FAAC Swing Gate Arm Kit
    12. FAAC Swing Gate Underground Kit
    13. GiBiDi Swing Gate Underground Accessories
    14. GiBiDi Swing Gate Arm Accessories
    15. GiBiDi - motors only
    16. GiBiDi Swing Gate Underground Kit
    17. GiBiDi Swing Gate Arm Kit
    18. Nice Swing Gate Underground Accessories
    19. Nice Swing Gate Underground Kit
    20. Nice Swing Gate Arm Kit
    21. Nice Swing Gate Arm Accessories
    22. RT Swing Gate Arm Accessories
    23. RT Swing Gate Underground Accessories
    24. RT Swing Gate Arm Kit
    25. RT Swing Gate Underground Kit
  3. Sliding Gates
    1. BFT Sliding Gate Accessories
    2. BFT Sliding Gate Kit
    3. Came Sliding Gate Accessories
    4. Came Sliding Gate Kit
    5. FAAC Sliding Gate Accessories
    6. FAAC Sliding Gate Kit
    7. GiBiDi Sliding Gate Accessories
    8. GiBiDi Sliding Gate Kit
    9. Nice Sliding Gate Kit
    10. Nice Sliding Gate Accessories
    11. RT Sliding Gate Accessories
    12. RT Sliding Gate Kit
  4. Door Accessories
    1. Videx door entry
    2. AES
    3. Comelit
    4. Daitem wireless door entry
    5. Sesamo Proswing
  5. Gate Accessories
    1. Gate Automation Other
    2. BFT Accessories
    3. Came Accessories
    4. Safety Edge
    5. FAAC Accessories
    6. GiBiDi Accessories
    7. Locinox
    8. Nice Accessories
    9. RT Accessories
  6. Barriers
    1. BFT Barrier Accessories
    2. Came Barrier Accessories
    3. FAAC Barrier Accessories
    4. GiBiDi Barrier Accessories
    5. RT Barrier Accessories
    6. RT Barrier Kit
    7. BFT Barrier Kit
    8. Nice Barrier Kit
  7. Bollards
    1. BFT Bollard Accessories
    2. BFT Bollards




Here at Specialized Security Products Limited we believe the future of the planet is an important topic and one that we all need to play our part in. For this reason, we are now beginning our journey to reduce our Carbon footprint and are looking at different ways in which we can do this. Our aim is year on year to reduce our Carbon emissions to make us as Carbon friendly a company as possible.





We are very excited to tell you about the brand new range of ECO-FRIENDLY magnetic locks that we have launched. The ECO range comprises the same size and holding strengths as our current 'Slim' and 'Standard' types, but amazingly with only half the power consumption which means savings on your electricity bill each year! 

SSP have been working exclusively with the manufacturer to produce environmentally friendly products that will help us all combat our carbon footprint without sacrificing the performance that you've come to expect from our traditional products. Below, we have provided a preview of two products being offered. 








JUNE 2021 – enter discussions with existing manufacturer about creating a range of Eco friendly products


JULY 2021 - Strategic decision taken to eliminate the use of Gas and Oil for energy purposes


AUGUST 2021 – Initial samples of Eco friendly maglocks received and tested


OCTOBER 2021- Electric car charger installed at SSP offices


NOVEMBER 2021 – Eco friendly product range goes into production


DECEMBER 2021 – Sign up with Compare Your Footprint to create a template to measure our existing Carbon emissions


JANUARY 2022 – Process of measuring our 2021 carbon footprint begins


FEBRUARY 2022- Signed up for renewable energy tariff


MARCH 2022 - Launched our BRAND NEW ECO-FRIENDLY magnetic lock range


APRIL 2022 - First all-electric car added to the SSP fleet, along with a new hybrid model to replace a petrol engine car.



Helping to make the environment a better place