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GIBIDI-KIT-610 In stock

£808.60 (£970.32 inc vat) List Price Incl. VAT: £1,108.93

K608/BF 230v ac ground 610 electromechanical kit

230Vac underground electromechanical double kit includes 2 x underground electromechanical motors, 2 x foundation boxes, 1 x F4 control board, 2 x remote controls, 1 x plug-in receiver board and 1 x pair of photocells, ground release arm mechanisms, rotor pins, and 10uf capacitors. Suitable for residential swing gates of medium size and weight.


  • GiBiDi Operators Capable Of 120-degree rotation 
  • For Gate Leafs up to 3.5m 
  • GiBiDi Underground operators are a great solution where aesthetics are important 
  • Installed inside galvanised boxes under your drive they are hidden from view but still offer the same performance and features as above ground automation 
  • Twin kits are for openings where two gates are to be automated
  • Supplied with built in mechanical limits so no gate stops are required 
  • Kit includes: 
    • 1x Control Panel 
    • 2x 2 Channel Transmitters (433 MHz) 
    • 1x Pair Photocells 
    • 2x Galvanised Foundation Boxes 
    • 2x GROUND 610 Underground Motors (Including Limits)